A Jew prophesied that inside a year, Harun al-Rashid would be dead.
Harun was distracted. He didn’t really believe it, but he couldn’t get the idea out of his mind.
In the end Harun’s closest confidant, friend and adviser from his youth, Yahya ibn Marmak, instructed his son to go and find this seer who had prophesied Harun’s death.
The son brought the man before the whole court and, at Yahya’s suggestion, Harun asked him to repeat the prophecy.
― Yes, sighed the Jew, the Caliph will die within the year.
― And when will you die? asked Yahya.
― Ah, I am destined for a long life, and will die of old age in the year 187.
Yahya beckoned a guard with a scimitar, who with one swing removed the Jew’s head from his body.
― So much for prophecy, murmured Yahya to the Caliph.